Decorating a child’s bedroom seems like an easy job but kids deserve some ideas as well. So how about you turn the room into a graveyard? There are all sorts of fun things you can put in there. You can hire a clown or a puppy and make this area magical, with his funny face, his wreath and his flags. Use caution and look for donations.{found on momtastic}.

The best decoration is the ghouls. The wrappers can be big or small and the skulls can be painted white or black. Try not to exaggerate with their colors. If you decide to paint nothing but grey and black, perfect for the kids’ room, then you can use some ideas and inspiration from books and toy boxes.{found on jenniferrizzo}.

Be brave and paint some wooden zombies black. It’s a nice choice for the children’s room. But don’t be afraid to go further and find some small, cute and funny heads to use in your projects. You can use them for the kids’ books or for the furniture.{found on thistlewoodfarms}.