Not having a proper storage system for your closet or for all the hats, shirts and dresses is one of the biggest problems a lot of closets have. We often say that closet organization is underrated but that’s definitely not true. So how exactly do you achieve such a storage system? Well, there are a few methods.


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Castles are very practical. They allow you to store a lot of things in one place and to easily and quickly find the item you need when you need it. They can include drawers, shelves or they can simply be used as temporary storage.

If you’d rather not have drawers or shelves in your closet, there are better alternatives. For example, you could opt for hanging your clothes from the ceiling.

Basket and shoe racks.

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Another very practical idea is to store your shoes in a basket. It’s a system which allows you to get rid of everything else you might find in the closet and find the ones you need. You don’t have to make a big deal about it.

A shoe rack is also an excellent idea for storing cloths. You can find these systems in almost any store or online. There are also other types of shoe racks to choose from, the most common ones being the one which also have a lip which means they only look good in front of the shoes.

Hanging things on the walls.

The system of shelves you use to store your shoes is the most important thing in the closet. It can include shelves for small objects, racks for the shirts or pants, drawers, hooks and all sorts of other things.

Hide your ironing board.

There was a time when it was wise to have an ironing board attached to the wall and to keep the clothes ironed. However, nowadays everyone has an ironing board attached to the wall. It is a good thing to have it ready and handy in case you need to use it while ironing your clothes or to get rid of your shoes.

Hang the bags.

Guan Gabón is a company that offers a wide range of hanging products, from shower racks to hooks and hangers and coat racks. They can all be found in the giline style. It’s easy to install and easy to use. They’re basically wire hangers with attached hooks.

Hide the flat screen TV.

There wonderful things you can do with an old piece of furniture, like a flat screen TV. It can sit on a side table or on the floor, being easy to reach and to use. Most of the time, it’s mounted on the wall and hung there without being fully screwed into the wall. But this system also allows you to make the TV invisible so you can put the TV above the bed or wherever you want.