This cozy loft can be found in New York City, New York and it’s a perfect combination between an apartment and a cozy living room. As you can see, it’s a typical loft although the living room is more inviting and cozy. An interesting detail is the fact that the living room features exposed brick walls. This is a traditional detail that is usually hard to make a part of the living room’s décor.

The loft has an open floor plan. It includes a spacious kitchen that has been custom designed and it has a delicious concrete floors. The living room has glass walls that allow it to have beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. The loft is active and always has something that catches your eye. It is not only functional but also a beautiful space.

There are many interesting elements in this loft. One of them is the beautiful chandelier that can’t go unnoticed. Also, the apartment has high ceilings which allow sunlight to get inside and this make the atmosphere feel cozy and inviting. The loft is right above the kitchen that is facing south. This allows it to provide beautiful views over the Manhattan skyline.{found on airbnb}.

Airbnb Manhattan Midtown Loft Interior Photo 4