Swiss designer Philip Michael Wolfson created a very interesting lamp. It has a design that seems a bit abstract and it’s not actually color. It’s the shape that makes it so interesting. A very smart idea was to use light in order to create a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

This lamp has a very unusual look. It’s a contemporary piece of furniture and it was inspired by the human body. It’s the perfect accessory when you want to create a romantic atmosphere with lighting as well as spectacular lighting. Besides the shape, the lamp also features another very important aspect: the fact that it’s made of LED lights. This makes the lamp very energy-efficient, not only because it’s made of LED lights but also because the lamp faces the power source and allows one to hide the bulb. For a nice view of the lamp, a special light emerges, resembling a constellation of starry points.

The lamp is available in three different shapes and sizes: puppy, cat, and dog. The most obvious advantage of all is the fact that the lamp poses this great a puzzle that allows one to solve it and create a specific way of lighting your room. The lamp is very versatile and it can be used in any room of the house as long as the power is not supplied by natural electricity.{found on yankodesign}.

Wired Lamp Shade By Philip Michael Wolfson Photo 3