Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet By Emily Henderson

This lovely cabinet is from repurposed wood. Emily Henderson decided to cover up the surface of the wood that she used and create a nice display. She wanted a vintage cabinet that looked similar to the one she bought, but […]

Half Wall Divider By Benjamin Hubert

This is a creative design, created by Benjamin Hubert. A wall divider is often the only one thing a room needs to be organized. It’s a halfway point and it’s a very practical solution after that. This divider is particularly […]

Steel Kitchen Islands From Karakter

Kitchen islands are usually multipurpose elements. They are used for storage, for making meals and even for serving drinks and snacks. A kitchen island may also serve as a work surface, as a dining table, or as a breakfast area. […]

Circular Bed From Urbanoutfitings

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the futon bed. It’s one of the most popular types of beds. It’s a large bed that sits on a modular platform or stands on raised platforms often enough to be ideal for […]

Ikea Room Dividers

In our homes we have all sort of belongings and we want to keep them in sight so that nobody see them. This means that bedroom is the worst. We always try to hide them in drawers under the bed […]

Modern Clothing Rack By Michal Welsky

This is a clothing rack that’s both functional and beautiful. The Red Barrel is a freestanding unit with a minimalist design. It has a versatile construction which allows it to be included in both modern and traditional homes and it […]

Brass Decor And Furniture

The bathroom is the only room in the house where you’ll be able to say you’re done with that particular design. Most of the times, people want change. Some want to make a change. But sometimes it’s just too much […]