We all need a place where we can sit comfortably, relax and forget about everything. The chair is usually in a chair adjacent to the sofa or in the room, in the case of the living room. And sometimes, even though the chair has some redundancy, a chair turned into a side table is even better. It’s these tiny details that make a table so special and this one is no exception.

This lovely little table is making use of snap wood and pine shelving which comes in a variety of different colors. It’s a creative and practical way of adding a rustic twist to your living room. To make a similar table you’ll need a 14” sheet of weathering cut board, a router, a drill and some wood glue. Download the planter pictures and cut them to size and then drill holes in those boards, set them on their side and glue them together. Don’t forget to add the couvres and the handles.

The printable versions of the table featured on Burkatron are a bit smaller and thus suitable for more spacious living rooms. If you want to make something similar, first gather the materials. You’ll also need a few tools. First you should print the table plans and then cut the wood to the desired dimensions. After that, you can start laying the pieces onto the board and pressing down.

Craft Table With Poplar And Pine Shelves Photo 3

Another great way of adding a rustic vibe to the living room is by putting a popcorn bin in the center. You can just place it on the coffee table. To give it a rustic look, first cover the bin with faux wood. Paint it a color similar to that of the furniture. Then find some stencils to paint on the planter and place it inside.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Soap dispensers make wonderful DIY projects and if you want to make something fun for the kids, use paper towels. First collect the rolls and then print them. Then wrap them in plastic wrap and punch holes at the ends. Once the planters are done, put them on a cooling rack and put them in the laundry room.{found on thejunkfood}.

Another fun and interesting idea is to make a soap dispenser for the bathroom. You basically make the base out of a barrel. You can then cut a hole at the top and attach the pump. The lid is optional.{found on theecorchnic}.

If you want, you can put up this DIY bathroom mirror and it will serve as a great focal point for the room. You’ll need a wooden board, some jute twine and a star decoration. Cut it into 1” strips, tie them around a glass and drill a hole in the base. Then start making the star. It’s pretty simple once you figure out how to do it.{found on boho-chic}.

This star vanity has a more rustic look and it’s actually not that difficult to make if you have some vines. The vines will wrap around the two sides of the mirror and then you can go ahead and make a frame. Then go ahead and secure it onto the wall and add the crown molding.{found on habitat}.

Here’s another similar mirror and vanity makeover. This one also has an interesting frame. The top is mirror and the bottom is vanity. It’s a nice combo. The materials needed are wood, primer, paint, screw-in frame, tilt-out frame, metal brackets and nuts and bolts. The final product is a practical-looking pair of vanities.

And here’s yet another example of a vanity with a stylish interior design. If you want it to also serve as a storage cabinet, then use suitcases as transformers. It’s a particularly functional idea. You can find out more about this on marthastewart.