A great color combination is one that is well matched and harmonious and brings you peace of mind. For those who are unhappy, the colors of the deep relaxation will definitely relieve their stress. Well colors will bring you peace and relaxation in an unexpected and unforeseen way.Here are some ways of creating a serene space which will help you relax and see it is the best time of the year.

First of all, you should make the choice of colors for the walls according to the hue of the year . For example, green room will be a pale green room which will disappear into the wall and it will create a nice background for the other vibrant colors of the year . Yellow room will be the brightest room and the most energizing room. If you choose pink and orange room will be the most joyful room.

Besides the shades of red and orange you should choose the kinds of furniture that include stool, sofa, and bed. For the rest of the house colors will be the barriers for the wrong color, like yellow, blue and green. In the first bedroom you should make the pink wallpaper like the color of the rose and green wallpaper like the color of the fresh vegetables. For the second bedroom the bedroom furniture should be of light blue color and the headboard and wardrobe should be in white color.

Next it is important that you get a nice landscape like a desert or a simple place .If you do not have enough grounds for the kind of landscape you want to create, you can make some imaginary borders or lines and the boundaries will be violated. Hence, make some wild places where you can relax and dream of the beautiful landscape that can offer you comfort and just the way you want to wake up in the morning and find this kind of land.