In the area of big forests and also in the forest of some small towns comes the rustic “I’m for thee” that seems to be quite popular these days. It implies gathering around a fire pit, close to the ground and where you can relax and forget about everything and everyone.

It’s both a suggestion and a longing that we might return to our childhood games and make some real tries. Nobody said that furniture had to be comfortable or that the walls had to be painted in vivid colors or that the floral arrangements had to be the same throughout the whole garden. With a rustic touch and a design that creates a more relaxed atmosphere it’s more likely to be a good choice for a kid’s room.

This house is the perfect example that shows us that you can come up with something fun for the children’s room without diminishing the pleasure that it brings. In this case the result is a combination of bold colors and textures that are combined in a very pleasant way. Also, the room features a large entertainment center, also designed in black, that attracts the attention. It’s a space that is very colorful and where the atmosphere is very cheerful.