Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Boys Teen Rooms With Colorful Accents

Decorating the children’s room is never easy. You have to be very careful when choosing the color, the dimension, the combination of colors, the space or simply the way you display it but you also have to know what to […]

Painted Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween

Painting the pumpkins is already one of the most fun things to do in Halloween. Let’s see how you can impress your guests with one of the most fun and versatile projects. Choose a pumpkin and paint it. You’ll be […]

Tv Room Divider By Franca Rapisarda

The TV room divider or wall divider is often used to hide the TV, wardrobe or garage. Its role can also be to add visual delimitation and to create a visual separation between the two spaces or areas. Buttons also […]

Indoor Plant Design By Alex Andrite

This is the latest design created by the Italian designer Alex Andrite for the Greek company Petite. The planar design follows the shape of the plant, with one elongated element continuing its line and the other positioned in a more […]

Crome Furniture By Paolo Grasselli

The “Cromos 50” project has been characterized as an expression of perseverance and practicality. It involves the creation of functional and comfortable chairs and sofas among which a marble coffee table serves as the base of the entire set. The […]

Shower Bathtub Ideas From Colico

Bathtubs have always represented a place for relaxation. In the ancient times, people used to take a shower and clean their heads. They were encouraged by their physicians to keep a small quantity of water inside and often used aromatic […]