Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rolling Coffee Table By Taralynn Neville

Hand made furniture is always different than the usual ones. It has individuality and each piece of the same design has its own particularities. For example, each one of these pieces of furniture has its own characteristics. In this case, […]

Diy Photo Frames For Living Room

When we are guests we will feel like we are traveling in the world and we will see various things that everybody admires. Nowadays everybody can see exactly what what we eat, drink or say something to everybody. But the […]

Live Edge Tables By David Fletcher

Surrealist art collector and photographer David Fletcher began his career as a furniture designer in the late 1980s. Furniture design became a real passion for him and it shows in his work. In 2004 he started collecting metal Bugatti and […]

Mirror On Door, By Texas-based Light This!

Some of the most awe-inspiring bathroom mirrors come from countries with history. Switzerland, for instance, boasts a long and rich history of gold refining, with numerous baths that display the region’s gold medal titles. Picture this stunning mirror, its frame […]

Vanity Stools Benches By Elii

Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting in a warm and comfortable chair and enjoying the warm and romantic atmosphere. We all know that relaxing is more important than any activity if you take into consideration the beauty of nature […]