Jon Brooks is a young furniture designer who has created interesting and attractive pieces that could be found in high-end contemporary furniture shops. This chair is one of his fruit creations and it is something that would complement any home, no matter its size or style. This interesting chair has a metal base that supports the whole structure and all the parts are connected by some transparent strips of metal that are also available in different colors. This chair can be used for seating, and you can experience the thrill of watching the wooden frames that hold the upholstery starting from the center, where the legs are.

I honestly like the red one better because it stands out from the normal black and white chairs and because it can be taken into a more sophisticated atmosphere if you have the big, shiny feet. But other than this I really find this chair to be really fun to look at and also comfortable, not to mention that it looks really cool and modern. The legs are also the ones that give it personality and also the ones which make it look like a piece of furniture, not something that you see very often.