Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Open Storage Apartment Interior Design

If you’re lucky enough to own a spacious apartment then you probably already know how difficult it can be to decorate such a space and to personalize it. It’s not about the size of the apartment but about the interior […]

Apartment Balcony Garden In São Paulo

The place is a fantastic apartment, with an interesting combination between interior and exterior spaces, which makes the use of generous veranda spaces unique, giving the family both liberty and space to spend their days in a natural atmosphere, contrasted […]

Apartment Kitchens From Mensi

There is no denying that each of us wants to have our own space and time for ourselves. We are always looking for the next relaxing corner, an angle to watch television, play table games or just drink coffee while […]

Range Backsplash Ideas For A Trendy Look

If you’re trying to create a trendy look for your backsplash, the first step is choosing the backsplash. It’s usually the largest part of the kitchen counter that gets to become the focal point of the room and can be […]

Outdoor Kitchen Pics From Maison & Objet

French interior designer Anika Elisabetta recently completed the interior design of a house that is located in Mamadellet, France. The house was specifically designed to be a space where family members can spend time together on a day of their […]

Rolling Coffee Table By Taralynn Neville

Hand made furniture is always different than the usual ones. It has individuality and each piece of the same design has its own particularities. For example, each one of these pieces of furniture has its own characteristics. In this case, […]